Piano Repair


Simply put, pianos are our passion. Whether the issue is cosmetic or structural, we’ll give your piano exactly what it needs to look and perform its best.

Nothing provides us more satisfaction than seeing your piano restored to glory.


Piano Resotration

We’ve been commissioned to restore pianos of various makes and models. Our proven techniques and expertise make us uniquely qualified to revitalize your piano. With our combined knowledge and experience, the team at Sharp’s Repair can mend almost any imperfection – and no one will ever know we were there.

Piano Rebuild

When we evaluate your piano for its potential, you get the confidence of knowing that we will not try to sell you another piano, or advise you to do the least possible work needed in order to simply make your piano work. Our goal is to bring out the ultimate touch and tone that your heirloom piano was designed to deliver.

Piano Refinish

Your piano is made of organic materials whose finish will fade over time. Our team knows the exact cause of finish deterioration and, more importantly, the cure. Sharp’s Repair Co will turn back the hands of time to make your piano appear as though it’s just rolled off the manufacture’s showroom floor.

Your piano is in the very best of hands.

Cosmetic flaws to structural adjustments, we’ll give your piano exactly what it needs to look and perform its best.