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Piano Services For Every Need

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Wichita Piano Moving Professionals

Your piano is an extraordinary piece of engineering. Thousands of moving parts all working together in perfect harmony to create a complex instrument that – combined with your artistic passion – brings forth unimaginable creativity.

That is how we see your piano.

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Piano Moving Services Include:

Complete Piano Repair & Restoration Services

It’s true, most of the pianos we work on are older than we are – and we’re OK with that. Piano preservation and restoration is more than work, it’s our passion.

Living Rooms to Concert Halls,
A well tuned piano makes every performance


The Benefits of Keeping Your Piano Tuned

Sound Integrity

The primary reason for piano tuning is to prevent sound deterioration. Pianos are made of wood and metal, making them susceptible to heat, cold and dry air. These elements can cause a piano to go out of tune meaning that it needs to receive some TLC. Regular tuning helps ensure that your piano stays in tune – a prevention rather than a cure.

Damage Prevention

Regular piano tuning can prevent damage. Proper, constant string tension is important to the health of several piano parts – parts which are very expensive to fix. Tunings help these parts work together smoothly, preventing damage to and from connected pieces.

Extended Life

Tuning a piano on a regular basis lengthens its’ lifespan. After all, just like a car that receives regular oil changes, a regularly tuned piano is likely to enjoy a long life. For many, a piano is an investment that will stay in their family for generations. Proper tuning and maintenance will insure that it lives up to that expectation and more.

Let Your Piano Sing In Tune Once Again

Piano Lessons For All Ages

Through comprehensive music instruction, we enrich the lives and minds of our students, and better prepare them for success at school, college, and throughout life.