Piano Moving


Our door-to-door professional piano moving service maintains quality and professional customer service throughout. We’ll take care of your piano every step of the way.

The safe handling and moving of pianos is our business – and one we know intimately.


Safe & Secure Piano Transport

Sharp’s Repair uses proper equipment and safe techniques to ensure your piano is moved with the utmost care. We move pianos throughout the entire country, all the time. If an accident should occur, we are fully insured with cargo, liability, and worker’s compensation.

Additionally, every member of our moving team is trained and experienced. We do not use general labor, adding another layer of protection to your piano.

Understanding Your Piano’s Value

General house movers will treat your piano like any other piece of heavy furniture. Though your piano is located within the home, it should never be considered a household item when it comes to moving. With twelve thousand individual parts, and a fragile exterior, pianos are immensely complicated, heavy, and fragile instruments that require a great amount of training to transport properly.

How Much Does Piano Moving Cost?

The price to move your piano will depend on many things such as the type of piano, the requested date, current location, stairs and distance from point A to point B. Our experience has given us the ability to accurately bid a piano moving excursion of almost any type.

Will moving my piano affect its tuning?

Relocating a piano is not one of the major factors that affect tuning. The change in humidity between the original location, the moving truck, and the destination that causes tuning issues. Although bumpy roads aren’t ideal, the major factor is always humidity.

The pin block, bridge, and soundboard are made of wood, which is highly affected by humidity. However, after 15 days or so, the piano will acclimate to its new environment and be ready to sing in tune once again.